My recent work uses ultraviolet light sensitive dyes and darkroom based printing methods in conjunction with printmaking, photography, digital, drawing, and painting processes layered to form unique hybrid prints. Extensive research, experimentation, and testing lead to ongoing discoveries with this new method.  

The illumination and decay of of matter found inside an abandoned house.
Blueprints map the connection between nature and what we call home. 
Processes of growth and decay examined within lichen forms.

Constructed using a suitcase and UVB bulbs, this portable exposure unit makes consistent solar printing possible anywhere!  Created in part with a UMass Special Project Grant.  Special thanks to for building assistance and to Paul Teeling for photography.
The pursuit of forming crystals on lithography plates in order to etch and print the crystallized patterns.  An article I wrote about my research and results was published in an article for the 2015 winter issue of the SGCI Graphic Impressions newsletter.