The transformation of commonplace materials into alchemic media lies at the intersection of process and play.  Our personal domains and the natural world in constant flux influence these paintings, drawings, and installations.

Candy becomes cosmic.

Colorfield paintings inspired by Steely Dan songs.

The forecast and study of celestial bodies; a cosmos in question.

The crystalizing and encrusting of various substrates.

Materials:  (Trays) Salt, sugar, alum, and washing soda crystals grown on various natural and manmade objects, displayed in enamel butcher trays. (Walls & pedestals) Washing soda crystals grown on paper.

Using the tools of a lapidary to carve, engrave, and shape the surface of paper.

Cellular formations at a macroscopic level.

Imperfect symmetry and separations of color reflect upon mindset.

Materials:  Wine, bleach, and dye on paper.

Exploded drawings and cut paper explorations inspired by ultrasounds of fibroids.